by Julia Duckworth


Monday 4th March – Friday 29th March
Opening Reception: Thursday 7th March 7:00-9:00PM

Julia Duckworth has had the unique opportunity to capture a vision of Vietnam’s humanity as only an artist can: with a passion for the unusual and an eye for the inspiring. Julia’s photographs register the power of the cultures and people she encounters as she embraces the spirit of each destination and shares her visions in this inspired photographic guide.

As a sincere devotee of the passions of the world and with true ardor for capturing its attributes, Julia has genuine love for the people and places as she points her lens at the world and presents a glimpse of its endless potential to move us.

“Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability”. –Ho Chi Minh

Artist Bio:

Julia Duckworth is a photographer well disguised as a Food Scientist and Nutritionist. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Julia had a creative childhood full of dance, painting and photography. At the age of 14, Julia received her first camera, a Minolta 35mm SLR. She took it on a family vacation to New England and by the time she returned home her interest in photography was enough to lead her to purchase wide angle and telephoto lenses. She began photographing parks and coastal areas in and around Savannah and developed her own film and prints. Even at an early age her work showed strong artistic merit. She received 2 photography awards before completing prep school. Later Julia attended Vanderbilt University and studied Psychology before pursuing Masters Degrees in Food Science and Nutrition.

Julia’s passion for photography leads her to many interesting places around the world. The compositions are often times ordinary subjects shown in an unlikely way. From the classic serenity of black and white to captivating colour images, she pursues cities and countrysides with equal creativity and enthusiasm.

Past exhibitions include:

Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Big House Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Marcel Breuer Library, Atlanta, GA
Sarratt Art Center, Nashville, TN