Exhibition Dates: 27 May – 7 Jun
Open view: Thu 30 May, 7:00pm


Angkor, Cambodia – A 1,626,000 m2, Magnificent Temple, larger than contemporary Paris;

Planted and raised by Khmer King Suryavarman II 800 years ago depicting the grand vision of Emperor;

Deeply rooted in Hindu and Buddhist cultures and still serving as a Temple to those who seek spiritual connection with Buddha;

Branching out to reach millions of people around the globe, reinforcing cultural connections and appreciation of architecture & art;

Kept grounded and surviving the cruelty of the Cambodian Civil War, the Khmer Rouge regime & art thieves, to be nominated as UNESCO World Heritage in 1992.

Blossoming on the National Flag, representing the people of Cambodia it is the most visited attraction in Khmers’ Country;

And while in full bloom the Temples rise towards the sun…


And while in full bloom the Fig Trees rise towards the sun and the flowers of those trees are producing the precious seeds.

The seeds that are to grow into the Tropical Jungle Giants that cover the walls of the Angkor Temples.

Somehow these Giants carry the wisdom of balancing the connections between the depth of the earth and the heights of the sky.

Just like us humans, following our ancestral lines, while projecting our dreams in to the future.


About artist:

Having moved from commercial photography into the broader art scene, my current streamline is to explore concepts around misplacement and processes of integration, through my practices of object and urban landscape digital photography. 

As an adjunct to this I create handmade Artist Photo Books, a medium which allows me to extend and merge my photo skills with texture, objects, sounds and words. In doing this I can move 2D prints into multifaceted dimensions. Parallel to this is my practice in analogue photography and moving image, this time flowing 2D into something potentially more arresting and visceral for the viewer/listener. 

– Kate Coe