Exhibition dates 10.06.2019 – 08.07.2019

The concept of the guardian angel, who is responsible for protection and guidance of an individual or a group (even a city or a country), is accepted in many religions.

Without diving deeper into religious concepts, the fundamental idea of “The Birth of an Angel” exhibition is a study of the link between the growing population and guardian angels. The population of planet Earth grows exponentially, which makes us ask about the growing number of angels: are there enough of them; and, if not, how are new ones created?

The author elaborates his relatively simple idea about the creation of new angels through development inside a cocoon. Although the initial premise is simple, the whole process is complex and traumatic for the entity created in such way. The awakening of consciousness, the trauma of the enclosed space, the first breath of air—the newborn creature breaks through the cocoon in panic. After the exhausting fight to escape, it gathers its strength and finally takes off into an in-between space where angels reside, leaving only its shadow, which symbolises the angel’s quiet existence.

Damir Tiljak is a Croatian, Zagreb based photographer. He is a photography teacher at Zagreb Photo and Cinema Association and headmaster of “Fotonaut” photography school. He organises various photography seminars, workshops, lectures and exhibitions in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom. As an expert in photography, he authored numerous articles in specialised magazines; e.g., Foto Mag, Darkroom User, Freelance Photographer and Refoto. He has had ten solo exhibitions.

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