8th July to 19th July 2019

Open View – Tuesday 16th July

“Dover is Britain’s closest physical point to mainland Europe. The French city of Calais sits just 27 miles away, across the narrowest point of the English Channel. Dover’s significance to the United Kingdom is not merely symbolic. What was once a barrier to the rest of Europe is now a central point of transfer”. 

“In recent years, Brexit has dominated British politics. On March 29, 2017 the government triggered article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union”. 

Samira Shackle, Centre for International Governance Innovation 

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, a EU referendum vote in favour of leaving the EU raised many questions. 

Now in 2019 we still haven’t got an answer. 

Hinterland is an investigation into the border between the UK and mainland Europe, with particular focus on inland trade leaving one of the busiest ferry ports in the world. I documented the Port of Dover to investigate the physical border between the UK and mainland Europe, hence the P&O port barrier. Dover also allowed me to document residents who have experienced the town for what it has become, with mixed feelings. This project looks at how trade and residents have coped within this coastal town. It draws our attention towards the congestion of trade vehicles, passing to and from outside the UK every single day. 12,000 lorries roll on and off ferries in Dover every single day, with a large majority bringing Kent to a standstill. I aspire to capture the physical border between the UK and mainland Europe through the study of trade within the landscape. This is a work in progress.