camera-wood-backgroundThe Camera Club is one of the longest running photographic societies in the world, and we celebrated our 125th anniversary in 2010. Read more about the Club’s history >>

The mission of the Club is:

  • To foster the art of photography, in all of its forms and genres
  • To provide excellent value services, events and photographic facilities, and
  • To create a sense of community for our members of all levels, ages, races and genders.

The Camera Club is a membership organisation run entirely by volunteers. The core operation and management of the Club is carried out by a combination of Committee Members and Club Stewards. We strive to run the Club as professionally and efficiently as a commercial enterprise, but we hope that our members will understand when our aims may not always match the reality of operating such a broad-reaching organisation without any paid employees.

The Club is a registered charity – 1174805.

The Committee

The Club Committee are a small group of nominated and elected volunteers, each of whom has a specific area of responsibility. From managing finances, to processing memberships and even down to running the building’s essential services, each Committee Member plays a critical role in the Club’s livelihood.

Club Stewards

Stewards are the lifeblood of The Camera Club, and it would not be possible to run the Club without them. Stewards open and close the Club each day and staff the Club reception desk, taking all phone calls, bookings, payments, cancellations, queries and generally ensuring the smooth day-to-day operation of the Club.


Without Members, there is no Camera Club. We are proud to say that our membership covers many nationalities, ages from 18 to 80+, male and female, professional and beginner photographers. We are incredibly grateful to those members who go above and beyond, such as our Group Leaders and others who voluntarily give to the Club by holding talks, exhibitions or even just tidying up the kitchen now and then. A big thanks to all of you.

If you are a member or are considering joining the Club, we would encourage you to think about whether you would like to become involved with the Club as a Steward or Committee member. We welcome organised, dedicated, flexible and open-minded candidates, so please let an existing Steward or Committee member know if you meet these criteria and would like to help make the Club an exciting and positive place to be.