Club Emails

In order to ensure your enquiry is handled in the most timely manner and by the correct member of the Club Committee, we have a number of email addresses.

Before you email us, please have a read through our FAQs and any relevant web pages first. If you can’t find your answer, then please use the appropriate address below. Remember, the Club is run entirely by volunteers, so please be patient if we aren’t able to respond straight away.

If you want to join the Club, please read this page.

If you want to hire any facilities or book onto a course or event, please ring the Club to make your booking. NO BOOKINGS are accepted by email, so please do not email any booking requests (this includes event reservations).

For enquiries about…  … please email this address
Member address changes, renewal enquiries
Exhibitions, Gallery 1885
Archive and collection
Darkroom facilities or accreditation (NOT for bookings)
Studio facilities or accreditation (NOT for bookings)
Events or workshops (NOT for bookings)
Becoming a steward, steward queries or complaints
Photo Envision – The Club Journal
Member complaints
Social Media