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A great feature of the Camera Club is that it has its own attractive ground-floor gallery – Gallery 1885 – with high-quality exhibition lighting and hanging space for around 40 exhibition prints. Monthly exhibitions feature outstanding work by one or more members, plus ‘outside’ exhibitions of national standing, as well as members' open exhibitions and competitions.

Gallery 1885 is open to the public – you do not have to be a Club Member to enjoy our exhibitions.

To see our upcoming exhibitions please visit our blog or wait for announcements on the homepage.

​09 JUNE - 28 JUNE

Open View 13 June 7PM

As a photographer, Dennis is fascinated by the inherent tension between his subjects’ inner feelings of existence and how they consciously present to the world. He’s aware of how much of city life is staged and how cognisant people are of image; and how taking photographs in a studio setting can lend itself seamlessly to this. The larger the city, the more likely their natural state seems to contrast with their subjective consciousness.

In this series, Dennis explores the notion of a subject in the present, often unaware or unresponsive to the artificiality of self-depiction. Through time spent far from the overthinking realm of London, he explores a mix of ephemeral and natural moments. These moments can be focussed, joyous, contemplative, relaxed and unselfconscious.

Past Exhibitions

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Follow Your Heart
"My photographs serve as a powerful spiritual beacon, not just for you, but for me as well.".

Vitor Lopes
13 May - 107 June 2024
Dissociated Connection
"I spend a lot of time on the streets. I don’t just shoot the street, I photograph people."

Simon Lower
18 MAR - 12 APR 2024
Food As Medicine
tribute to the people who are involved in food production on a small scale.

Astrid Schulz
18 MAR - 12 APR 2024
Isolation Portraits
A project developed while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the planet in 2020.

Chris Pig
26 FEB - 15 MAR 2024
Hortus Maximus
Celebrating the astounding variety of natural forms, texture, & contour of vegetables & spices available today.​

Cinnamon Faye
06 - 23 FEB 2024
A Tale of Three Cities

In 2023 London, Paris and Athens were filled with protest.
James Elliott
08 JAN - 02 FEB 2024
Members Annual Winter Show
The Annual members Winter Exhibition: Winner Stefon Grant.
​TCC Members
04 DEC 2023 - 07 JAN 2024
Dreamland By The Sea
In 2014, Frederique Bellec began photographing the seaside towns around London. 
​Frederique Bellec
31 OCT - 01 DEC 2023
2020 Pandemic: Visions of London After People
In London, this was the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns. 
​Monica A Walker
26 SEPT - 27 OCT 2023
Fragments: An in-hibition

Unique and random fractions of a second, stolen from the time
​John Mawditt
04 - 22 SEPT 2023
Annual Members Summer Exhibition 2023         
A selection of members work from 2023 so far.
​TCC Members
​07 Aug - 01 Sept 2023
Captured Visions
TCC partnered with LSBU to showcase BA (Hons) architecture students’ design concepts

LSBU & Gallery 1885
03 July - 05 Aug  2023
A Peculiar Moment in Time

​28 portraits of past and current members of London's LGBTQIA+ community

Stuart Hull
04 June - 01 July 2023
Lost in Los Santos

A week spent in GTA 6 as a virtual photographer during lockdown.
Enzo Peccinotti
01 May - 03 June 2023
Celestial Chaos   

A collective collaboration between David Fons Lathrop, Catarina Correia and photographer Dave Shrimpton.
02 - 29 April 2023
ImageArt and Studio Pods
​Member's Exhibition

A variety of images produced by the club members

TCC Members
05 Mar - 01 April 2023
Ian Greaves & 
Dan Bachmann

​​Veiled Portraits (Ian) & Something Between Us (Dan)

Joint Exhibition
30 Jan - 04 Mar 2023

Annual Members 
Winter Show 2022​

​​A collection of the work produced by The Camera Club members.

TCC Members
14 Dec - 16 Jan  2022  

Fred Whisker:

Gallery 1885 is pleased to announce its latest exhibition of contemporary dance photos by Fred Whisker. Fred will be turning 100 this year.

Fred Whisker
4th - 28th of October  2022

John Legate:
Who Are You?
collection of photographs that he created in the 70s in a style that has been labelled "anti-glamour."

John Legate
5th to 28th September 2022

Summer Show 2022

The Annual member's exhibition. Also featuring Thames Festival Trust’s Thames Lens 2021 winning photos

Member's Exhibition
3rd August - 28th August 2022

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