Gallery FAQ

How much does it cost to have an exhibition?

For club members there is a flat rate fee of £30. (An exhibitor will have to have been a member of the club for a minimum of 12 months before they can apply for the discounted member exhibition rate).

Non-members have two options: £200 for a 2 week exhibition or £400 for 4 weeks.

The cost does not include prints, mounts, preparation of an exhibition poster and cost of the private view, which all have to be covered by an exhibitor.

Can I mount my work/photographs at the club?

Yes. You can use the gallery space (provided that it is not being used). We have a rotary trimmer, bevel mount cutter, aluminium ruler and cutting mat.

Where can I get mounting boards?

Most art shops have in stock a selection of different colours/sizes. The nearest one being Cowling & Wilcox in Camberwell. The cheapest one is Cass Art.

Pre-cut mounts are also available in standard sizes and a number of colours/finishes.

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How do I mount photographs?

There are two ways of doing it. You can either use spray adhesive or special corner. Please visit or for the description of mounting techniques.

How many frames does the gallery have?

We have 20 A1 (841x594mm) frames and 40 (50x40cm/500x400mm).
Black aluminium finish.

How many photographs can the gallery hold?

That depends entirely on size of frames used and arrangement/layout.
Max capacity is 40 50x40cm frames or 20 A1 frames or a combination of the two.