The Club offers a range of regular monthly practical photography workshops in which small groups of members can learn more about lighting, shooting with models and more. These hands-on practical events offer a great opportunity to tap into the extensive skills and experience of our Group Leaders.

All groups & workshops are available to members and are booked on a first-come, first served basis. Please see the Club Calendar for information of upcoming dates.

All groups & workshops MUST be booked in advance using the Events Booking Sheets held in the Stewards Office. Members can book by ringing the Club. Please note that Events Booking Sheets are generally available for signup from 4 weeks in advance of the event date (the exact date of publication for each event sheet can be confirmed by ringing the Club).

Darkroom Skills & Techniques

Leader: Marco Masetti

These evenings are aimed at members new to the darkroom and those who want to improve their technique. If you want to develop b&w film all you need to bring is an exposed film. If you want to make prints from b&w negatives all you need to bring are your negatives. Check for cost (includes printing paper or negative storage pages; chemicals are available from the club at good prices). Maximum number: 4 as we only have 4 darkrooms.

Studio Lighting Techniques

Leader: Steve Ullathorne

Steve will focus on control of the lights and good studio practice. It is important for photographers to know how it feels on both sides of the lights, so everyone attending will photograph each other. You will get used to lighting more than one person and we can concentrate on learning the correct way to treat the lights and to communicate with the subject.  Studio accreditation included. Minimum number 5 max of 7.

The Portrait Group

Leader: Nick Gregan

In this group you will work on creating good portrait photography. Each month we focus on a specific lighting technique to improve your portrait photography. We also work on portrait photography skills such as posing, building rapport, capturing character and creating different types of portraits.