LONDON – ZAGREB / Here we come 2020


Dear All,
We are excited to announce that once again we are invited to showcase our Member’s Group Show in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Led by Damir Tiljak, Gallereja Vladimira Horvata is opening their doors for us in August. This is a great opportunity to exhibit your work abroad in the hub of the art quarters in Zagreb. We would like to encourage as many members of our Club as possible to participate in this exhibition with their latest photographic creations.

We are looking forward to presenting your work internationally as well as to promoting our Camera Club and Gallery 1885 abroad.
We made the submission process as easy as we could and hoping to receive your entries by midnight Monday 20th July.
Please find further details below and if you have any questions please contact the gallery curator, Kate Coe via email

TITLE: LONDON – ZAGREB / Here we come 2020

Galerija Vladimir Horvat
Trg žrtava fašizma 14
10000 Zagreb

DATES: 16th August – 6th September 2020



SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: Midnight Monday 26th July 2020

NUMBER OF IMAGES TO SUBMIT: We encourage members to submit up to 3 images. Those can be as a connected body of work or singular. NOTE – depending on
the amount of submissions we may only be able to show less than 3 images per artist.

ORIENTATION: Any Portrait or Landscape aspect ratio

COLOUR: We accept Colour and / or Monochrome images.

PRINT SIZE & PRINTING: Gallereja Vladomira Horvata can provide frames which would fit 50cm x 40cm art work / mounting board. If your image(s) is of a different size / shape please arrange a mounting board to match the size of the frames provided. Your images can be printed on any material as long as they either fit a standard frame or can be hung unframed. If your images are to be hung unframed please make sure you have the suitable fixings in place. For those of you who would want us to help you with printing, Damir Tiljak offers his printing services in Zagreb for £12 per print. We are not associated with his printing services in any shape or form and all payments are to be made directly to Damir’s Gallery. After the exhibition all prints will be posted to London. Due to extra weight resulting in high postage costs we are not accepting pre-framed work.

THEME: No theme as such. We advise to choose images that are mostly resonating with you and represent your work. If you practice Commercial photography as well as Artistic, we would like to encourage you to select something from your artistic body of work.

ART WORK INFORMATION: Please provide us with your art work title and short description for each photograph.
If your work does not have a title, please state “Untitled”. If you require assistance with your work’s description please let us know and we shall arrange a video meeting to make sure so it will be an easy task for you.

SUBMISSIONS / DIGITAL ENTRIES: please send up to 3 low res images to . 1500px long edge. One to three of your images will be selected for printing/delivery to the club.

FILE NAME: Please name you files in the following format: NameSurname_title.jpg

ENTRY FEE: Free to enter.

DISCLAIMER: Entry to Zagreb show is open to all members of The Camera Club. This is a curated show and the entry numbers are limited. We are keen to represent your individuality and your best creations. Please note that if some of the submitted images strongly misalign or conflict with the overall set quality of work, we reserve the right to make the final decisions. If unsure, please consult the Gallery manager / curator prior to submitting your work.
By submitting image(s) you agree for your image(s) to be used by Gallery1885 on Twitter and Instagram for promotional purposes.

IF YOU HAVE QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT: Gallery 1885 curator Kate Coe: