Photographic Archive

Since its earliest days, The Camera Club has been dedicated to showcasing the wide range of work produced by talented Club Members. As such, through the years, the Club has acquired an extensive photographic archive, including valuable and rare prints dating back to the early 1900s. Many of the works held in the Club’s archive are stunning examples of photography of their time, and due to the Club’s strong membership base, we are lucky enough to possess works by some of the world’s most famous photographers. Today, the Club continues to expand its archive by acquiring prints from current and recent Members, making our collection of photographs one of the most diverse in the UK in terms of dates and styles of photography.

Photographic Archive Showcase

In order to share this collection of work with greater audiences, each month we showcase the work of one photographer from our Archive here on our website, along with some information about his/her life as a photographer. We hope that you find this work as inspiring as we do, and that it provides a glimpse into the history of our Club, one of the longest running and most influential photographic clubs in the world.

Although we are unable to allow general public viewing of our collection due to the delicate and historic nature of the prints, we have rephotographed the actual prints so viewers of our site can appreciate the fine craft of the prints – although we appreciate that digital reproductions can never compare to the physical prints themselves.

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