Rules / Policies

All Members must adhere to the Club Rules. You can download a PDF of the full list of Club Rules here, and we ask that you read the rules and ensure you are comfortable with them before you join the Club. For your convenience, we have also listed some of the most important and most common Rules and Policies below.


In order to use the studios, darkrooms and digital facilities members must first attend the appropriate Accreditation session.

NO ONE who has NOT BEEN ACCREDITED is allowed to use any of the Club’s facilities or equipment. This includes photographers’ assistants. Assistants must be members of the Club and hold the relevant accreditation if they will be shooting, adjusting lights or working with you in the darkroom.

Signing In / Out

Everyone who enters the Club must sign in and out at the Steward’s Reception desk.


The Camera Club operates a strictly no smoking policy in all areas of the building.


There is NO FOOD consumption and NO ALCOHOL is allowed in all studios, darkrooms, digital suite and communal hallway areas. You are welcome to use the kitchen or gallery as a breakout space.

Studios / Darkrooms / Digital Suite

All Club facilities must be left in a tidy state, and any spills, accidents or breakages must be reported to the Steward on duty immediately. Members may be liable for any associated costs.

There are no animals allowed in the Studio except domestic animals upon prior agreement with the Studio Secretary. No animals other than assistance dogs are allowed in any other part of the Club.

Studio Paper

NO SHOES are allowed on the Colorama paper backdrops in either studio. If you require shoes as part of your shoot, you must clean the soles and/or tape them up with masking tape (not provided) before walking on the paper. Stewards reserve the right to charge members up to £10 per metre for paper not left in a useable state after your studio booking. If you arrive at a studio and find that the paper is torn/dirty, you MUST notify the Steward immediately. ONLY STEWARDS ARE ALLOWED TO TRIM PAPER. If it is discovered that a member has cut the paper, s/he will be charged.


Members who cancel a booking for facilities or events may be liable for a cancellation fee, and will be expected to pay this before they are allowed to book any additional facilities/events.

Fees vary depending on when you cancel:

  • More than 7 days before booking = No fee
  • 7 to 4 days before booking date = 50% cancellation charge
  • 0 to 3 days to date of booking = 100% cancellation charge

Bookings cannot be cancelled or booked by e-mail. You must phone the Club to book or cancel.

Large Groups / Casting Calls

For health & safety reasons, members are not allowed to bring large groups of more than 10 people into the studios for photo shoots, nor are casting calls allowed to be run on the Club premises.

Make-up Artists / Stylists

Make-up artists and stylists are not allowed to work in the Gallery space. No sprays of any kind should be used in this area, as sensitive photographic materials are on display. The Gallery is a public exhibition space; members, models, stylists and make-up artists must use the allocated areas within the studios to get ready for shoots.

Youthful Models

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when on the Club premises. The Club Steward may ask any youthful-looking models for proof of age.

Behaviour Policy

All members and any associates (eg. models, make-up artists, etc) are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Please be courteous by keeping noise levels down.

Privacy Policy

See our Privacy Policy here

Download the Camera Club Rules February 2020 (PDF)