“Thames and I” Exhibition, Photo walk & Zine making workshop.

Dear Thames,
I love you, I hate you, I admire you.
You are my life and my inspiration,
Always yours, London
.” Personal stories revealed through the lens.

Dear Members,
This year our Gallery 1885 is participating in Totally Thames 2020 organised by Totally Thames Trust – https://totallythames.org/ – “Totally Thames is an annual celebration of the River Thames with a creative and diverse programme that inspires, connects and enthrals”.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in this exciting event which will take place in September 2020.
There is an encouraging & engaging programme lined up for you and for the members of public.
As the title suggests there is an exhibition, a Photo walk and Zine making workshop to look forward to. And in addition to that Gallery 1885 will produce a handmade artist book showcasing the exhibitor‟s work.
Please do take part and submit your work by midnight Monday 17th August.
We are looking forward to receiving your creations whether it is a project or a singular piece!

LOCATION: Gallery 1885 DATES: 14th September – 26th September 2020

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: midnight Monday 17th August

WEBSITE: https://totallythames.org/ & https://www.thecameraclub.co.uk

NUMBER OF IMAGES TO SUBMIT: For this project you can submit any amount of images. They can be a completed project or a singular piece. All work has to adhere with the exhibition theme and be accompanied by a narrative. We also welcome artist photo books. Initially please submit only low res digital images with a short description. Depending on the amount of work submitted we shall advise on the size of the actual prints.

COLOUR: We accept Colour and / or Monochrome images.

PRINT SIZE, PRINTING & FRAMING: We would like to encourage your creativity and the expression of your individuality. You are welcome to use our Gallery frames which are either 84cm x 59cm & 50cm x 40cm. We are also looking forward to receiving your uniquely framed work. We welcome all types or printing techniques, the more varieties, the merrier. Collages and photography based work are also welcome. If your work is in 3D format please contact gallery curator Kate Coe to discuss whether we shall be able to accommodate it.

THEME:Dear Thames, I love you, I hate you, I admire you.
You are my life and my inspiration,
Always yours, London.”
Personal stories reviled through lens

As part of „Totally Thames Festival‟, which is a celebration of the river Thames, we are looking forward to receiving your entries depicting your very personal interactions with Thames.
What is your personal story? How would you like things to be? What are you wishing for or dream about?
What are the positive aspects of your connections with the river Thames? And how do you see Thames‟s role in facilitating the development of London and its people?
Or maybe there is something very special you would like to tell us about your relationship with the river Thames or its history.

ART WORK INFORMATION: Please provide us with your art work title and a description / narrative for each photograph or project. If your work does not have a title, please state “Untitled”. If you require assistance with your work‟s description / narrative please let us know and we shall arrange a video meeting to make sure it becomes an easy task for you.

SUBMISSIONS / DIGITAL ENTRIES: please send your low res images to gallery1885@thecameraclub.co.uk . We shall advise on the maximum print size after selection process is complete.

FILE NAME: Please name you files in the following format: NameSurname_title.jpg

ENTRY FEE: Free to enter.

DISCLAIMER: Entry to „Thames and I‟ projectis open to all members of The Camera Club. This is a curated show and the entry numbers are limited. We are keen to represent your individuality and your best creations. Please
note that if some of the submitted images strongly misalign or conflict with the overall set quality of work, we reserve the right to make the final decisions. If unsure, please consult the Gallery manager / curator prior to submitting you work. By submitting your work you agree for your image(s) & narrative to be used by Gallery1885 & Totally Thames Festival for promotional purposes.

IF YOU HAVE QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT: Gallery 1885 curator Kate Coe: gallery1885@thecameraclub.co.uk