Exhibition Gallery 1885: Hortus Maximus

18.01.24 01:46 PM By The Camera Club

Photos by Cinnamon Faye 05-23 Feb 

Hortus Maximus celebrates the astounding variety of natural forms, texture, and contour of vegetables and spices available today in UK.

Originally designed as a monumental site-specific installation for Cinnamon Kitchen in Bishopsgate, the following year the series was invited to lead a show at the new ArtCell Gallery, located inside CRUK Cambridge University Research Institute.  The revised selection focused particularly on chilli fruits vested with beneficial healing properties and expanded to include colour portraits of women from all over the world presenting themselves to the camera, holding vegetables as offerings or votives.

In an era of ultra-processed food, the show entices us to expand our repertoire of edible plants and delight in the spectacular shapes grown by nature. Plants which deserve to be immortalised through a photographic process - before being eaten.

Cinnamon Faye studied photography in the US, the UK and Moscow, and continues to lecture in Photographic Arts across Universities, FE colleges, and charitable venues.  She was a photographer and photojournalist for the BBC, Channel 4, numerous Broadsheets and her images and sculptures have also been featured in several magazines including Wallpaper* and Creative ReviewShe has worked in several palaces and been commissioned by the UK Royal family with her portraiture collected by the Royal Academy and the National Portrait Gallery.  Her work explores almost any theme and she embraces alternative processes, as well as digital and film.  

Gallery 1885
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The exhibition is opens on 05 February 2024. The Open View is on 08 February @7pm and everybody is welcome to come along. 

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