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Learning Resources

The Camera Club is a place dedicated to both nurturing the skills of its members, but also promote a better understanding of photographyto everyone. Our learning resources are created by some of the best technicians, industry professionals, specialist educators and award-winning photographers.

Our guides have been optimised to ensure you'll be able to both master the basics, get a clearer understanding of your own skills, asist you on your own journey and aid you in the use of everything onsite at our facilities or your own home setups. We cover everything from the basics through to intermediate and advanced techniques & skills to ensure there is something for everyone.

The Camera Club Cheat Sheets

Why did we create them?

The Camera Club polled hundreds of photographers at all different levels to find out which topics they most struggled with when they were on the move. The result was a set of portable, carry-around cards that you can take with you when you are out and about, or to bring in to the club and use in our facilities as individuals or organised groups.  They're completely printer friendly in both colour and black & white but WILL NOT kill your printer ink like many other sets.

What's on them?

Every subject that we regularly have people ask us about, along with techniques and guides to help you expand your photography skills. They cover multiple areas of photography that start at the very beginning and move through to advice on advancing your skills in multiple disciplines. These include:

The fundamental basics

Understanding light, the best settings for many different situations

Multiple, everyday techniques with pointers from the pros

Specialised techniques, what to research before you try and the gear you'll need

Creating an end-to-end workflow for different styles and set ups wether analogue or digital

Troubleshooting both common everyday issues and on site studio facility problems

    How many are there?
    To date there are TWENTY cards in total. However this number keeps growing. We update them as we work with our club professionals to create these dense but clear guides to each specific topic. Once you buy a set of these cards, all future updates will be sent to you COMPLETELY FREE of charge. 

    How much do they cost?
    The full set is JUST £45. They're cheaper than most other sets we've seen and contain a LOT MORE information. However if you are a CURRENT Camera Club Member they're included as part of the membership and sent to you WHEN YOU JOIN with ANY membership type.

    Why buy this set and not others?
    Not only do you get FREE, FUTURE UPDATES you get the support of a community of specialist photographers who meet regularly to talk about the information contained in the cards such as our ImageArt group and Studio Lighting Pods. If you're struggling with anything on the cards you can ask an expert at an event. You'll also get priority booking, either free or discounted access to our talks, online events and live streams. You'll also be part of an institution that has been running for over 150 years.

    Members Quotes
    "This is an incredibly dense resource, with excellent infographics, clearly explained. You can absorb it really quickly, but there's plenty to refer to for further research and keep returning to." - James S (member for 1 year)

    "I have been shooting professionally for over 20 years and there's material in here that I didn't know" - Nick A (member for 15 years)

    "A really, solid, clearly laid out foundation for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in photography." - Ted C (member for 45 years)

    How can I get them?
    The Cheat Sheets are available in the MEMBERS DOWNLOAD area. Simply email us the email address you joined under and we'll reply with your log-in code.

    If you are not a member you can buy them email with your transaction ID (by using the button below) and we'll send you the set.

    The Complete Guide to Photography

    The COMPLETE GUIDE TO PHOTOGRAPHY is a guide like no other. It contains everything you need to advance your skills using our onsite facilities. It lays out in detail all you need to know to level up your abilities. It's been designed to work specifically in conjunction with our onsite facilities and covers all the bases.

    It's clear and concise with a set of instructions on how to become a well-rounded photographer, from selecting the right gear, the right settings, how to use colour, how to advance your skills with our PHOTOGRAPHERS JOURNEY MAP, styles to master (works alongside our member's CHEAT SHEETS), the STUDIO 1 & 2 guide, the DARKROOM guide, the EDIT SUITE guide and how to engage with other photographers, what to read, how to get your work displayed in our GALLERY 1885 and how to promote yourself.

    You'll get both this and our CHEAT SHEETS when you become a member. It's a solid foundation that cuts away a lot of the traditional fluffed up content and goes straight to the important detail. There's no filler content, no marketing speak, just highly focused information on how to get the best out of the club, written by industry experts who are often onsite on a daily basis.

    Sign up for a membership today and The Complete Guide to Photography will be sent to you digitally as soon as your application is approved. The guide is NOT FOR SALE, and is exclusively available ONLY to our members.