Welcome to The Camera Club!


Welcome to The Camera Club, one of the world's oldest and most renowned photography societies. As a lover of photography, you're joining a supportive and vibrant community dedicated to fostering creative growth in all aspects of photography.

Here’s a guide for how you can start out getting the most from your membership.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Discounts and Affordable Rates

As a member of The Camera Club, enjoy substantial discounts on our photography facilities and training sessions. Regardless of your skill level, our organisation is dedicated to elevating your photography skills. Plus, we offer the UK's most competitive hourly rates for our facilities, providing affordable opportunities for all members.

Tour Our World-Class Photography Facilities

Come and See Us

Experience what The Camera Club offers by taking a tour of our facilities guided by our friendly stewards. Get familiarized with our extensive resources tailored to suit all your photography needs. Learn how to conveniently book our facilities. For a comprehensive overview, read more about our photography facilities.

See our Studios

See our Darkrooms

See our Editing Suite

See our Learning Resources

Get Studio Accredited 

Our Accreditation Process

To ensure the safe and effective usage of our studios and darkrooms, we require our members to get accredited. Learn more about our two-tiered accreditation process, including a weekly free accreditation on Thursday mornings or try our monthly 'Introduction to Lighting' for beginners (see the home page).

Find out more about our studio and darkroom accreditation

Once accredited book your sessions here

Take your photography to the next level

Participate in Exciting Photography Events & Meet-ups

Free Events for Members

Our photography club offers a diverse array of member-exclusive events, many of which are free! Explore various photographic styles, acquire new techniques, and network with fellow photography enthusiasts. Our events are designed to meet all your photography needs. Our groups span everything from out historical archive dating back to 1880 to analogue film processing to the latest digital technology and even a bleeding edge group of technology pioneers.

See our extensive list of currently active groups run by club members

Showcasing Members' Talents

Monthly Exhibitions and Comprehensive Library

Every month, we proudly display our members' exceptional photography in our gallery. This platform not only provides exposure but also offers constructive feedback. Moreover, our comprehensive library of books and training videos is a treasure trove of photography knowledge. Explore our current and past gallery exhibitions. We exhibit all levels from our newest beginners to our long-standing industry professionals who have been members for decades.

Stay Informed with The Camera Club

Updates and Announcements

Our website is the hub for all club updates, news, and announcements. Stay informed and never miss out on exciting opportunities. Our FAQ section might have the answers to your questions. We also have a blog with event postings and we email members monthly newsletters and Gallery 1885 updates.

See the blog for all news updates

Contribute to the Club

Volunteer Opportunities

The Camera Club is run by volunteers who strive to provide the best experiences. If you wish to contribute, reach out to our committee members. Learn how you can help run an event, assist with stewarding or support in the gallery. After one year you can join our committee.

Got a Question

Visit our 'FAQs' section for common queries and check our blog and monthly newsletter for event and gallery updates. If you still have a question simply ring the front desk during opening hours and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

See the FAQ section

What Happens Next?

Get Your Membership

Expect your membership number within the next two weeks, crucial for booking events and facilities. If not received, email us at membership@thecameraclub.co.uk


Once again, welcome to The Camera Club! We anticipate your growth as a photographer and look forward to your participation. This isn't merely a club – it's a thriving community of photographers united by a shared passion, knowledge, and vision.