Gallery Hanging Guide

Our members have the exclusive right to hold exhibitions in the Gallery 1885 space. Often when we are holding a members show we source images from our members who submit them to our committee and they are then selected for gallery exhibition.

If you are holding your own event please see the Gallery Guidelines and Timings below.

We also have our own Recommended Print Shops that we use

Our standard Frames

If you wish to use The Gallery 1885 frames we offer TWO different frame sizes.

Large Frames: 84 x 59 cm or 33.07 x 23.22 inches

Medium Frames: 50 x 40cm or 19.68 x 17.74 inches

Don't forget that if you are using a mount to print your images at the size they will fit in to the frame MINUS the mount.

Delivering your prints

All printed images must be supplied by the required date listed in the event details. If you are late we cannot promise to be able to display your images.

If your images do not fit in the frames we will not crop or adjust prints.

Please CLEARLY write or attach your name and contact details on the BACK of the print. This will ensure that prints are properly named and we can ensure we can contact you should the prints go in to storage.

Picking up your prints

Prints will be stored on site at the club for 30 days in the storage area. Please collect your prints within that timeframe. Failure to do so cannot guarantee we will be able to long term store prints.

​Exhibition Guideline with Timings

The following is The Camera Clubs official timeline and guidelines when running your own exhibition.

6+ Months Before

6-12 months before exhibition: Submit concept, sample images/prints to gallery organiser.

5-12 months before exhibition: Agree on gallery dates and opening day. Make exhibition payment to The Camera Club.

5-12 months before exhibition: Provide title, several images and gallery descriptions with dates to club social media contacts, webmaster, journal and external publications (RPS, Amateur Photographer, Time Out, etc). The communications team will provide a front door poster and social media image; however, you also have the option to create your own provided it includes The Camera Club official logo and 1885 Gallery as provided by the communications team.

1-2 Months Before

1-2 months before completion: Have all images selected with a printing plan (how, paper, etc). Submit all images for gallery approval - small digital files or film contact sheet are fine.

2-4 weeks before the exhibition: Ensure all prints are ready and mounted. Prepare printed media handouts. You may use your own frames or prepare mounts to use the club frames which are 500mm X 400mm and also A1. There are about 45 50cm X 40cm usable frames and 6 A1 frames.

Days Before

A few days before opening night: Stock club with refreshments - to be provided

A day or two before the exhibition opening: Hang images in the gallery. Arrange for some help. This is easily underestimated - it often takes 6 hours with a few people involved to get it looking perfect on the walls.


During the exhibition: Opening day / related gallery talk - Please ensure the gallery is tidy after events. Outside the back door is allowed to be open for fresh air considering respect for the neighbours. Ensure events are wound down before 10pm weekdays/6pm on weekends so the volunteer/stewards can leave on time.

Check steward coverage for best times to promote walk in views

After the exhibition: Remove the frames for the walls and remove mounted prints before the next exhibitor comes to hang their images.

Recommended print shops

The camera club has many levels of photographers, from beginners all the way up to well seasoned professionals. The following is a list of places that our photographers use to fit different budgets and quality requirements.

Metro Imaging: High end professional photo printing. Used by all the top professionals, this is the highest quality printing we know of. They're not massively more expensive but you pay for what you get, high quality service and results. They're also based just 30 minutes drive from the club just off the Clerkenwell Rd -

DS Colour Labs: High quality art printing with a service close to that of Metro but without the gravitas. They are probably the GO TO SERVICE for most TCC members. They combine great quality with a good price, fast turnaround and a fantastic range of options. Highly reccomended as a place to start with professional quality printing. 

White Wall: Cheaper (but not the cheapest) options with lots of different printing mediums. Ideal for those on a budget who still want solid quality and fast turnaround. TIPA Award winners 2013, 2017, 2020, 2021. 10% discount if you sign up to the newsletter:

Further Questions

For further questions please email - please state the EXHIBITION NAME or event you are enquiring about.