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The Camera Club has three separate professional black and white darkrooms for individual and group workshops.

Darkroom Main Area Equipment

Resin and Fibre Based Driers

Film Driers For Film Processing

Print Finishing Room - Includes Lightbox, Trimmer and Counters for Retouching

Each individual darkrooms are equipped with De Vere 203 and 504 enlargers, allowing you to produce prints from 35mm, medium or large format negatives up to 10×8 inches.

Darkroom 1: De Vere 203 Enlarger - Printing up to Medium Format

Darkroom 2: De Vere 504 + 5108 Enlargers - Printing up to Large Format 8x10

Darkroom 3: De Vere 504 - Printing up to Medium Format

Please note that the darkrooms are only available to club members. 

All new members must be accredited before booking the darkrooms. Anyone using the darkrooms must adhere to the Club Rules & Policies. 

You can also become accredited by attending one of our training courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Darkroom 4 is currently out of action.

Photograph: Robert Jeffery
Photograph: Robert Jeffery
Photograph: Robert Jeffery
Darkrooms: £5 per hour

The Club normally stocks developer, stop and fix for B&W printing, please ask the steward should you need. 
Film and printing paper is not available from the club.

Intro to Darkroom Workshops
If you are new to the darkroom or you want to improve your skills, you can book to attend one of our Intro to Darkroom workshops, run on a regular basis.

Please note that all new members must complete an Accreditation session before using the darkroom facilities. 
Accreditation is suitable for people who already have some experience in the darkrooms. 
Book a Darkroom

​Make a booking

Photograph: Felix Hall Close

Members Darkroom Accreditation

If you have joined The Camera Club, you are, as a member entitled to FREE accreditation training in our darkrooms. We recommend you do at least 4 hours of initial training before you work in the darkrooms alone, but if you have pervious experience then accreditation can be much shorter.

Our sessions are 2 hours on the first and third Wednesday of the month starting at 6pm at the club, Darkroom 3, max 2 participants.

Photograph: Felix Hall Close

​Introductory Darkroom Sessions

Our courses are organised as a collection of sessions and provide a solid base of darkroom techniques. It is oriented to club members who want to start processing and printing their own rolls or members keen to learn the process.

Each session can be booked independently

Session  Length Date No of Places Cost
1. B&W Film development 3 Hours 1st Friday of Month (6pm) Max 3 £65
 2. B&W Film printing 3 Hours  2nd Friday of Month (6pm) Max 3 £65
 3. Split Grade Printing 3 Hours3rd Friday of Month (6pm) Max 3 £65
Photograph: Felix Hall Close
Membership Exclusive
​From Zero to Hero

Exclusive only to members, you can book all 3 of the above sessions to be completed in one day. These one-day training sessions are ONLY organised on personal request by our specialist darkroom guru Marco. These courses are limited to a maximum of 2 people and are priced at £180

To organise these groups please ring reception and ask.