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05.04.24 04:11 PM By The Camera Club

“Dissociated Connection” by Simon Lower - 15 April

Soho is one of the oldest places in London. Creative, lively, gritty. Infamous? Soho is a place where it's safe to be yourself. Where the thick layers of armour that mask the real person underneath can be dropped.

Interesting people are everywhere, it's only when they're in an environment that holds them, that embraces them, that they reveal themselves. That is why Soho is a photographer’s paradise.

“Soho a place where I feel safe, a place that inspires me. I spend a lot of time on the streets. I don’t shoot just the street, though, I photograph people. Real people. Sometimes pretend people. Soho is a place where you can be who you really are or who you want to be”. 

Simon Lower is best known for his timeless black and white photographs. Often described as a street photographer, he would describe himself as a people photographer. “It’s worth it just for the feeling that comes with seeing another human being or allowing myself to be seen”. 

He first picked up a camera whilst studying A-level Art. But, after years working as a 3D artist creating visual effects for television and feature films, he turned back to photography “…  as a mindfulness practice whilst looking for ways to improve my mental health. Using a film camera, whilst an aesthetic choice, is an easier approach to stay in the moment without editing on the screen”. 

Simon enjoys shooting in various places around London and each place brings different challenges. “I feel that whilst there is always something happening in my photographs, it's often ambiguous and a viewer will bring their own response to it”. 

But shooting is just the first part. Simon Lower loves the darkroom and spends hours there. “I see it as part of the process of creating a picture. It makes the whole thing a craft as well as an art”.

Gallery 1885, 
16 Bowden Street
, London SE11 4DS
Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

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The exhibition is opening on 15 April 2024. 
The Open View is on 18 April @ 7pm and everybody is welcome to come along. 

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