Gallery 1885 Exhibition: Dennis José Vilaça: 

21.05.24 07:03 AM By The Camera Club

“Distant Presence” by Dennis José Vilaça - 13 May

As a photographer, Dennis is fascinated by the inherent tension between his subjects’ inner feelings of existence and how they consciously present to the world. He’s aware of how much of city life is staged and how cognisant people are of image; and how taking photographs in a studio setting can lend itself seamlessly to this. The larger the city, the more likely their natural state seems to contrast with their subjective consciousness.

In this series, Dennis explores the notion of a subject in the present, often unaware or unresponsive to the artificiality of self-depiction. Through time spent far from the overthinking realm of London, he explores a mix of ephemeral and natural moments. These moments can be focussed, joyous, contemplative, relaxed and unselfconscious.

Dennis instils through these works beauty and simplicity, reflecting through each image the calm and joy of simply being.

“I aim to voyage beyond geographical boundaries and capture the intricate landscapes of humanity. Through my lens I explore the enigmatic interplay between authenticity and performance, capturing the artful dance between inner essence and outward facade.”

Dennis José Vilaça is a photographer based primarily in London, who creates work that is characterised by bold colour, dramatic composition and dynamic elements; each designed to engage viewers and draw them into the subject's world.

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The exhibition is opening on 09 June 2024. 
The Open View is on 13 June @ 7pm and everybody is welcome to come along. 

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