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Introduction To Analogue Photography

Photograph: Felix Hall Close
Next available dates:

Intro to Analogue Photography Workshops in July:

Getting Started in the Darkroom - Processing your first B&W Film and making a contact sheet
Friday 12th July @ 6.30pm-9.30pm

Getting Started in the Darkroom - Printing B&W Negatives using an enlarger
Sunday 14th July @ 2.30pm-5.30pm

Perfecting Your Print - An Intro to Dodging and Burning/Variable Contrast Papers
TO BE SCHEDULED IN JULY - Please get in touch below if interested

Getting Started with Analogue Cameras-  Film, Lenses, Focusing, Metering, Exposure Settings. How they work and why they matter.
TO BE SCHEDULED IN JULY - Please get in touch below if interested

Each session costs £35 and includes a FREE film (12exp 35mm), an instructor,  full use of all darkroom equipment , the darkroom booking and all materials - paper and chemicals as necessary.

If you cannot book it is because it is SOLD OUT email us here and you'll be put on the waiting list or offered an alternative date - there is nearly always at least 1 cancellation.

This is an introductory course aimed at anyone wanting to learn the end to end process of analogue photography. This is a fully comprehensive and quite intensive course that will enable you to become confident in shooting your own B&W film and processing and printing it in a darkroom.

What You'll Learn

Using 35mm film
Which to choose, how to load and unload your camera, and how to choose the right settings on your camera for best results. 

Understanding analogue cameras
How they work, manual focusing, using light meters and how different camera settings affect your results. 

Processing 35mm film
Getting the film out of the film cassette and into a developing tank in total darkness. Preparing the chemicals you'll use for processing in the right concentrations, at the right temperature and understanding the timings involved. 

Printing your negatives
Making a contact sheet from your developed film, assessing your results and choosing which images to enlarge. Understanding different types of photographic paper, the chemistry used to process them and using an enlarger to make your first print. 

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to get up to speed quickly and prepare themselves for the more advanced courses or using the darkrooms independently. You'll be given full accreditation status and there will be takeaways sheets on everything you'll learn.

Tickets are now just £35 for each 3 hour session and places are limited to 4. You can join any individually or book them in series. 
(There will be repeat sessions if you can make one but not another). 

Each session includes: 
  • A darkroom booking
  • Free use and instruction of all equipment
  • All materials supplied - film, paper, chemicals as necessary
  • A free film each time

Sessions requirements 

You can come to the first session with your own film to process or pick one up from us beforehand, or get one afterwards to take away and try something new...

You can come to the second session with your own negatives to print, print those that you developed in the first session or print some of ours. And take away a film for your next project...

Follow up sessions will be available in due course and will include advanced darkroom printing techniques and alternative, experimental procedures.