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15.12.23 12:56 PM By The Camera Club

A Tale of Three Cities | James Elliott - 08 JAN to 02 FEB 2024

James Elliott is an American who was born and raised in London - after several conventional careers and a lifetime of taking pictures, he became a professional photographer to pursue his true calling. In 2023 James left London and spent some time in two other cities:  Paris and Athens.

In 2023 London, Paris and Athens were filled with protest.

“There is nothing that compares to being close to the action - the concussion of flash bangs, the chaos of tear gas, the moment before the police charge - it’s an adrenaline rush that stirs something primeval.  The ancient call to battle, dormant and longed for.

These protests are choreographed illusions - while there are moments where the crowd appears to be in command, the outcome is never in doubt.  Order and control are restored, authority prevails”.

The exhibition is opening on 08 January 2024. The Open View on 11 January and everybody is welcome to come along. 

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