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10.06.24 01:09 PM By The Camera Club


Submissions for the IA group are twofold: Main submission based on a monthly theme and second submission should be inspired by a photograph submitted the previous month and chosen by Simon and Fred. A sort of photographic Chinese whisper or Pass the the parcel!


Now it's starting to feel like summer is here, this month's challenge is all about sunshine. You might want to photograph light hitting buildings, or perhaps what people get upto when te weather starts to get warmer, or it could even be an alternative photographic process that uses sunlight to produce an image! We're looking forward to seeing images to say sunshine.


The photograph chosen as inpiration is by Gavin Fernandes

Whether you are sharing pictures or not, come along to the group on Thursday 27th June @ 7pm.

If you'd like to share some pictures for the evening, then click the following link and upload them. Number your pictures in the order you'd like them shown. Try to limit number of images to 10-20 if possible.  

Upload here.

It’s a great opportunity to meet up with lots of members. See old friends, make new friends. Chat about photography, share information and tips and just generally have a good evening. Oh, and there will always be good photographs.

If you need any more info or have any questions about this month's session, get in touch with Fred or Simon: or

Image Art Group | Thursday 27th June | 7pm to 9pm

Cover image by Luciana Rizzi

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