The Impossible Group

The Impossible Group is a new group formed by Phil Taylor at TCC that explores the bleeding edge of image-making, editing and related software. We explore anything related to photography based software and technology including AI image generators, photo editing, VR, AR and 3D and also entire software suites such as Adobe. We explore the latest in camera technology from DSLR & mirrorless, Lidar, 360 degree and drones.

We also produce a lot of imagery and material for The Camera Club including our training guides, photography cheat sheets, posters, marketing material and social media posts. We also integrate with external groups for the purpose of exhibitions and presentations.

Because the group is experimental in nature it is not regularly run, operates in random groups and is not always stationed at the club.

This group is on a hiatus. If you are a member of the Camera Club and would like to lead it, please, get in touch.

Previous Work

Space: Andrew McKelvie
Guide to photography
Poster design
Frederique Bellec
Photography Cheat Sheets
Signage & Large scale printing
Photoshop fakes

Join In

You can join in by simply coming along to a club event or by keeping an eye on the events on the home page. You can also follow us on socials and simply comment on #tccig posts and we'll reach out.